Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chess Will Be A Competitive Event At LISD Schools

Chess Will Be A Competitive Event At LISD Schools

By: Brooke Thomas
CBS - TV / Lubbock, TX

Chess will now be a new competitive event at LISD schools

Its part of a partnership between the University Scholastic League and Texas Tech.

2nd through 8th grade students all across the state will compete in 30 minute chess competitions in the form of an exam.

They'll solve chess puzzles designed by chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar.

The first students to correctly solve 20 puzzles before the time runs out will win the competition.

"It teaches students responsibility. There's all sorts of the positive things that chess can do. This not only helps students but it also helps teachers in our schools," said Lynn Elms, Texas Tech Division of Institutional Diversity.

The chess program is the first competition Texas Tech has ever proposed to UIL.

The first event will be in January.


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