Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chessdom on SPICE Cup

GM Perelshteyn wins SPICE cup
GM Hernandez takes the silver

In an exciting finish of the SPICE Cup, GM Perelshteyn was able to grab the title in front of GM Hernandez, GM Milton, and GM Becerra. The last round fight for the title was between these four players. Trailing by 1/2 point, GM Miton from Poland pushed all the way for a win against GM Hernandez of Mexico. At one point, GM Hernandez only had 4 seconds left on his clock. At the end, GM Miton pushed too hard and lost, giving the championship to GM Perelshteyn of Massachusetts, and second place to GM Hernandez.

This was one of the strongest 10 player RR events in Texas since 1972. It was organized by the always active Susan Polgar.

Here is the full coverage from Chessdom.
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