Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chess Vibes on SPICE Cup

Perelshteyn wins first SPICE Cup
Sunday 18 November 2007, 13.21 CET, by peter

With a score of 6.5 out of 9, Eugene Perelshteyn has won the first SPICE Cup, a tournament held at the Texas Tech University in Lubbock (Texas), United States. The tournament, which was a memorial to Samuel Reshevsky, was organized by Susan Polgar, chairwoman of the United States Chess Federation, and Paul Truong, Polgar’s husband. SPICE stands for “Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence” at the Texas Tech University.

The SPICE program was launched at the University in May 2007, and is headed by Susan Polgar & Paul Truong. Polgar serves as director of SPICE and coach of the Knight Raiders chess team while Truong is the institute’s business manager and assistant coach. The institute includes academic and outreach components and provides a forum for academic research on the game. Researchers across disciplines are allowed to study chess from angles as diverse as artificial intelligence, cognition and women’s studies. More info on SPICE can be found here.

Here is the full article on Chess Vibes.
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