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Scientific conference: Chess should be taught at elementary classes

Scientific conference: Chess should be taught at elementary classes

Scientific conference: Chess should be taught at elementary classes
February 01, 2010

On the last day of January research and practice conference “Chess as an innovating school subject in educational system” started within the framework of international Moscow Open chess festival. Greeting speeches from RSSU rector Vasily Zhukov, the Federation Council and others government structure was read out to participants.

The head of the “pedagogic and chess work organization” department RSSU Aleksandr Kostiev told about the successful undertaking – publishing the information from chess education conference, which took place in RSSU, and a publication of premiere collection “Project “Chess in RSSU”. Volume 1. International research and practice conference materials “Chess in Russian and World educational system” (2009).

The leitmotif of the conference was the article “Russian Chess Education” of the First President of Sakha Republic (Yakutia), deputy chairman of the Federation Council Mikhail Nikolaev. This article was quoted in many speeches.

Aleksandr Schegortsov, Doctor of Social Sciences, director of Federation Council chairman deputy secretariat, impressed the audience with his speech. He noticed that chess should be involved not only in life of each school, but in each family life.

Reports from regions-leaders of chess education were also of great interest. Methodist Tatiana Partys (Tomsk) and director of Internet-center of chess skills Galina Kovaleva (Khanty-Mansiysk) speeches and presentations covered a lot of methodical aspects of general compulsory education. The main feature of Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous area is using information technology during the chess lessons, the main feature of Tomsk district – narrow facility preparation to general compulsory education and good covering of compulsory schools. Guests from Tomsk brought the just published substantial collection “Problems and prospects of chess education development in Russia: All-Russian research-to-practice conference data”.

The report of the deputy director of the school №758 Elvira Umanskaya (Moscow) was about chess lesson characteristics for “The Teacher of the Year” contest and also about the quality of teaching chess at elementary school.

The speeches of Alexander Timofeev, Vladimir Mechitov and others were dedicated to different issues arising at chess lessons at comprehensive schools. There was no special mood – there was a constructive, quite tough and emotional conversation among specialists.

Nevertheless, all the speakers were of the same opinion that a chess lesson at school is very essential. It should be in the main draw of the lessons and chess should be taught at elementary classes.

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