Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Knight Raider Gergely Antal earns GM title

Gergely Antal (Texas Tech Economics Major), has just earned his final GM norm! He was the first titled player to come to Texas Tech in 2008 and also the first to capture a national chess title for the Knight Raiders. He missed his final GM norm at the 2010 SPICE Spring Invitational by just 1/2 point.

This time, he scored 6.5 points in his final 7 games, including the final round victory against GM Bui Vinh, to tie for 1st and clinch the final GM norm.

Congratulations to GM Antal!

His next tournament will be the SPICE Cup B group in a few weeks.

NameFEDRtgPts. TB1 TB2 TB3 Rpnwwew-weKrtg+/-
1GMNeelotpal DasIND24547,028,000,052627975,071,931019,3
2IMBanusz TamasHUN25507,026,500,052616976,290,71107,1
3IMAntal GergelyHUN25267,025,500,062619976,001,001010,0
4GMCzebe AttilaHUN24795,019,000,032447955,38-0,3810-3,8
5FMNatsidis ChristophGER23184,016,500,012379943,280,721510,8
6IMWittmann WalterAUT23034,014,250,012381943,080,92109,2
7GMBui VinhVIE24494,013,750,022364945,01-1,0110-10,1
8FMHagen Andreas SkytteDEN23113,011,500,022298933,19-0,1915-2,8
9FMLorand NorbertHUN23692,57,500,01225092,53,93-1,4315-21,5
10FMKislik Erik AndrewUSA23571,55,000,01214591,53,77-2,2715-34,0

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