Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spectacular Chess Improvement

Since the SPICE program started a few years ago, it has been growing and expanding at warp speed.

Through the special training program for the Texas Tech Knight Raiders chess teams, the 13 active members of the A team, B team, and women's team gained nearly 1,100 rating points in just this short time! That is an average improvement of nearly 90 rating points per player!

This is the reason why I keep on pushing the idea of proper training for young people! If they are taught the right way, they will improve in chess.
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KC said...

I'm disappointed that apparently there was NO chess at the coffee shop last night (April 30). What gives? Don't publish it in the newspaper of all places and then blow it off.

The Masked Rider said...

I think the Knight Raiders have final exams. Perhaps that is why they weren't there. There were 15 players last Friday.