Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to back upsets for the Knight Raiders

After beating Yale B team in the first round, Texas Tech (average rating of 2027) almost pulled off an upset win against University of Toronto A team which has an average rating of over 200 points higher than Texas Tech. At the end, the match ended in a 2-2 tie thanks to an upset win by our board 4 Josh Osbourn (1796) against a 2016 player.

In the third round, Texas Tech got paired up again against one of the contenders for the final 4 Miami Dade A team which has an average rating of nearly 250 higher than Texas Tech. Our board 3 Stephanie Ballom (1816) defeated a 2210 player. Our board 2 Chase Watters (1990) drew a 2285 player while our top board Gergely Antal defeated a 2357 with the Black pieces. This gives Texas Tech the second straight upset results.Every team member has made big contributions to the team results so far.

We will face the #1 seed UMBC team with an average rating of around 2600 tomorrow!
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Anonymous said...

I heard you guys are hosting the Pan-Ams next year. Is that true?