Monday, April 7, 2008

You can help decide SPICE Cup 2008!

After an incredibly successful 2007 SPICE Cup, the dates for the 2008 SPICE Cup have been set. This prestigious event will take place on September 19-28, 2008 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. We are aiming at a category 14 event (not lower than category 13 and may even potentially reach category 15) which has an average FIDE rating of 2576 or higher.

I already sent out 8 invitations (not all have been accepted yet but they should be confirmed soon). There are 2 spots remaining. I want to do something different than the norm. I would like the readers of this blog and my forum help decide the last 2 invitees.Which 2 players would you like to see receive the final 2 invitations. The rating range of these 2 players has to be at a minimum around 2525 with average of around 2575 for these 2 players.

It can be either two female players, two male players, or one of each gender. There is no guarantee that the players would accept the invitations. However, they would be the first to receive the final 2 invitations. You help decide! :) You can vote by posting here or by sending me an email at
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Jacob said...

You didn't mention who the 8 invited were, but my votes for the other 2 go for:
GM Hikaru Nakamura
IM Ben Finegold
And as a 3rd---- FM Ray Robson