Friday, October 19, 2007

10 things about Texas Tech

7. In May, Tech checkmated its rivals by hiring the Billie Jean King of chess. Susan Polgar was the first woman to qualify for the World Chess Championship and to earn the title of Grandmaster. She will SPICE up the sport at Tech, running the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence .

6. Lubbock is Roswell, N.M., without the nuts. In 1951, dozens of sane people, including three Tech professors, saw blue lights in the city and around north Texas. One year later, the incident was chronicled in Life magazine.

5. Charles Hardin “Buddy” Holley was born in Lubbock. He dropped the “e,” picked up a guitar and wrote classics like “That’ll be the Day” and “Not Fade Away.”

4. When college student-athletes sign their national letters of intent to secure their scholarships, they should thank Dr. J. William Davis, former chairman of Tech’s Athletic Council. Davis devised the letter, which was adopted in 1964.

3. Tech’s first mascot was slaughtered and eaten by the football team. A black calf was given to the team after its first victory in 1925. Soon after, it was killed and barbecued.

2. A statue of Will Rogers and his horse, Soapsuds, is positioned precisely on Tech’s campus. Situated 23 degrees north from west, Soapsuds’ rear faces toward Texas A&M.

1. Former Tech punter Charlie Calhoun holds one of the most unbreakable records in college football: most punts in a game. In 1939, he punted 36 times for 1,318 yards. Tech tied Centenary (La.) 0-0 in a driving downpour. Calhoun punted 33 times on first down.

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